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MPE Cathodic develops and produces rectifiers for galvanic industry (KVA-MVA), power supplies for DC engines, ICCP cathodic protection for ships and harbours, emergency power systems and control boards for automation.

Design and manufacture according to clients functional demand or technical specifications.

Rectifier 320VDC / 900A

12 Pulse Rectifier 8V / 1500A

Process Controlled Recifier with Touch Screen

Control Board

Quad Power Supply, 120V, 10A

                      ENERPRO Representative


          Power Electronics Control Boards


Development and creation of complete solutions is a main activity. Documentation and user manuals are made with E-plan and CAD software.

Products are made to match most of todays industry interfaces, such as ethernet, modbus, profibus etc. Software for PLC is made to match clients needs for process control.