Cathodic Protection

MPE Cathodic AS offers a wide range of cathodic protection services and equipment for marine, offshore and industrial purposes.


Our business areas are divided into two main fields - Marine & Offshore and Industry.

Monitoring and support

ICCP and ICAF systems should be monitored regularly. For this purpose MPE Cathodic distributes

electronic log forms (Excel) to any vessel or offshore installation.

Usually the different systems are read on a daily basis and submitted to us once per month for analysis. This way MPE Cathodic can revert with comments if adjustments are necessary. The paint condition on the construction will also be possible to read out of these values.

This support is free of charge.

Specialist services

MPE Cathodic is a company offering a total package through the entire value chain, commencing with R&D and completing with regular service and support.

Specialist service is offered on all Jotun ICCP systems.

We also do service or troubleshooting on any other system - cathodic protection or anti fouling.

Design Engineering

MPE engineers are focused on innovative technological solutions. Customers' total cost of ownership is a major concern.

Decades of experience, a high level of expertise, good project management and effective logisitcs are our means to gain customers' trust.

We welcome any challenge within our lines of business.

Products Marine & Offshore

MPE Cathodic Marine & Offshore offers a wide range of cathodic protection, anti fouling and cooling equipment for marine, offshore and industrial purposes.

Please view our products below to read more.

ICCP - Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

It started in 1982 with the Sigma/Jotun ICCP rectifier, then continued with ABB/Jotun and finally MPE/Jotun as the newest generation. We designed, developed and built these systems - and we still do. Developed by MPE Cathodic AS in cooperation with engineers from Jotun of Norway. An ICCP rectifier is not just any rectifier.

We offer original spare parts and service people with knowhow.

ICAF - Impressed Current Anti Fouling

Copper is the most effective product to prevent barnacles and mussles from settling in cooling water inlets or boxcoolers.

We supply spare anodes for Cuproban, Jotun, Cathelco, Wilson Walton or other anti fouling systems.

MPE Cathodic anodes are quality checked before leaving our works.

Slip Rings & Monitors

Slip ring w/monitor. Silver contactway, silver brushes, highly effective.

Boxcoolers/Oil Coolers

MPE Cathodic is proud to represent NRF (Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabrik) offering their products on the Norwegian market.

NRF is the inventor of the boxcooler and manufactures rock solid and reliable products.

ICAF anodes

Copper anodes will keep sea chests, pipework and boxcoolers free from growth. Aluminium anodes mitigates corrosion in galvanized steel pipes. Soft iron anodes mitigates corrosion in CuNiFer pipework. The anodes come in a vast number of types. The simple, low cost anode does the same job as the complicated one. We supply any type of anode.

Sacrificial anode – Aluminium Hull anode

Aluminium has many advantages vs zinc, both tecnically and economically. That is why we recommend aluminium. It has approx. 28% more drive potential than a zinc anode if the volume is the same. You need almost 3 times the weight of zinc compared to aluminium, to protect a given surface at a given interval. The price per kilo for the two metals are not very different. So - choice should be easy.

ICCP anode for harbours

Sheet pile walls can be protected by sacrificial anodes. However, more efficient can be the ICCP type anode in a jetty. With this kind of system the owner of the harbour can monitor, and adjust the fight against corrosion from the office computer.

ICCP MMO/ti anodes and reference electrodes

The permanent MMO/ti anodes will protect the hull passing several dock intervals.

The reference electrodes are proven to supply the rectifier PLC with accurate mV signals.

Electronic Boards - Custom Solutions

MPE Cathodic AS offers custom solutions and technical support in the field of power electronics control.

In cooperation with Enerpro of California, USA we supply controller packages, firing boards, SCR assemblies, regulator boards, snubber boards, special purpose boards and motor starters.

Whatever your need is, please contact us and we will find a solution.

Products Industry

MPE Cathodic develops and produces rectifiers for galvanic industry (KVA-MVA), power supplies for DC engines, ICCP cathodic protection for ships and harbours, emergency power systems and control boards for automation. Design and manufacture according to clients functional demand or technical specifications.

Rectifier 320VDC / 900A

Used for charging batteries on board a submarine.

12 Pulse Rectifier 8V / 1500A

Increases rectifiers precision.

Process Controlled Recifier with Touch Screen

Customer designed rectifier for the process industry.

Control Board

Manufactured according to customers specifications.

Quad Power Supply, 120V, 10A

Power supply prototype for a nuclear reactor.

Emergency lightning for tunnels

Development of products for industry

Development and creation of complete solutions is a main activity. Documentation and user manuals are made with E-plan and CAD software.

Products are made to match most of todays industry interfaces, such as ethernet, modbus, profibus etc. Software for PLC is made to match clients needs for process control.


About us

MPE Cathodic AS was established in 2007 through a merge between Moss Power Electronics As and Cathodic AS.

Our business is devided into marine (mainly steel vessels), offshore installations and land based industry. In close collaboration with our customers we develop solutions and products which fulfill their demands. Our R & D is located at Rygge in Norway.


ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) is a fully automatic, electrical system which protects steel constructions submerged in sea water. Examples are ships hulls, sheet pile walls and offshore constructions.

SACP (Sacrificial Anodes Cathodic Protection) Some prefer to use sacrificials. It is generally accepted that aluminium is superiour to zinc both technically and economically. However, where there are live fish we use zinc anodes, which are documented free from Cadmium.

ICAF (Impressed Current Anti Fouling) is a system that prevents marine growth in sea chests, pipework and on boxcoolers. Main components are an electronic power supply and copper anodes. This is the most effective way of keeping mussels and barnacles out. Without such an arrangement there is always a risk of experiencing cooling problems.

We can design and supply any kind of anode – regardless of origin.

SLIP RINGS All conventional propulsion systems need a slip ring to prevent electrical potential differenses between shaft/propeller and hull. When the shaft turns the grease in the shaft bearing creates an electrical resistance which can build up potential differences. Worst case is damages to shaft bearing, main gearbox and even main engines crankshaft and bearings. Damages like pittings can also occur on the propeller. A good slip ring, with silver contact way and silver graphite brushes, will prevent such problems.

BOXCOOLERS Since the merge MPE Cathodic AS has been representing Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek (NRF) in Norway. NRF is the inventor of the boxcooler (1959). NRF has proven to be a very popular choice in our country. In our minds a result of quality, our expertise and ability to react.


We design, develop and manufacture many different types of rectifiers and electronic control units. Many of these solutions are created in cooperation with our customers based on their product specifications.

MPE Cathodic AS is also a designer and manufacturer of emergency lighting for railway tunnels. You will find these products all over Norway. The concept is based on high reliability, low energy consumption, long product lifetime and easy installation. Serviceability is important as replacement of lighting may have to be done within a short period of time.

We have represented Enerpro Inc., USA for many years. Enerpro Inc. is one of the most advanced manufacturers of high quality electronic control units in the world. They are used for e. g. power supplies, motor control and many other purposes. This is also a field where we find customer specified solutions.

MPE Cathodic AS is a friendly, customer oriented company. We focus on “right product – right time”.









Jotun Coatings Supplier
Jotun Coatings Supplier

Jotun Coatings Supplier

TransQ Qualified
TransQ Qualified

TransQ Qualified


All MPE Cathodic products are based on proven technology. However, any product will always be subject to improvements. Therefore we listen carefully to customers demands and suggestions in order to create added value where it is possible. We are proud of our ICCP rectifiers which we consider to be world class.

ICCP - Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

ICAF - Impressed Current Anti Fouling

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